Prewise transforms to WiseOn – modern view of learning

One of the secrets of a successful organisation – fostering a culture of learning. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for e-learning has grown significantly in the market: diverse, exclusive, high-quality, and low-effort solutions and expertise are needed to help companies achieve even better results. Moving towards this direction, the e- learning solutions company Prewise is implementing its strategy with a new brand, becoming WiseOn.

The chosen brand WiseOn replaces the 18-year-old Prewise. The new company name WiseOn speaks of “wisdom turned on” in today’s world. It represents new content and a new approach with the promise of continuous improvement, learning, organisational resilience, and growth opportunities. 

New e-learning market needs

Organisations have realized that it is possible to work remotely as efficiently as onsite. So, if you can work like this, why cannot you study? As the pandemic has affected people’s daily life, learning habits may have changed also. So, the recent pandemic experiences influence the entire internal training market in the future. 


Working remotely has created a need for organisations to adapt their existing training material to IT solutions so that the learning process would not be interrupted due to the limitation of contacts and employees could improve. Of course, people’s need for live communication and educational events has not disappeared, but there are no more debates about the effectiveness of e-learning.

Holistic business approach

Companies are increasingly applying a holistic business approach which leads to the overarching organisational goal. These organisations are based on the strategy to take action in different departments and help them to work as one team. That is why more attention is paid to employee education, development of organisational culture, strengthening of unity, and employee self-realisation. All of this becomes a resource that helps companies attract more talent and at the same time achieve much better performance.

Therefore, WiseOn’s mission is to help organisations that choose the holistic business model and want to be market leaders. The company’s specialists create various interactive solutions to develop employees’ competencies. Besides e-training development, internal communication tools development services are provided. One of the more recent offers of the company’s service package – is expert consultation in the systemization of knowledge in the company.

As inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci said, “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” Together with a new brand and redefined identity WiseOn is ready to grow as a company that ensures that the learning process uses modern methods and technologies which support the unceasing passion for learning.

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